Welcome to my Website.

I live in Ireland and I make things.

I started writing a blog to document some of the projects I had built on my Raspberry Pi's and Arduino's, initially hoping to drag some of my friends into helping me.

I play a lot of Destiny the game on PS4 (when I get a chance), I've recently completed a series of blog posts documenting my intorduction to the Destiny API. I've also built a fully working Destiny web application: DestinyVaultRaider.com

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About me:

I've created some how-to guides to help get people get started with Making things, check out some examples below.

Way back in 2014 I was invited to present my IR remote control project using the Intel Galileo at the Dublin Makers Faire and the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition!
Dublin Maker was an open air, hands-on event, which took place in the Physics Lawn of Trinity College. There were over 8,000 visitiors to Dublin Maker, with more than 50 stalls, where people showed their wares and met interesting, like minded people.
Dublin Maker 2014 was the first Maker Faire I had attended, you can view my photo album here: Dublin Maker Faire June 2014
After the huge success of the Dublin Maker Faire, I was also lucky enough to display the Galileo IR Remote control at the BT Young Scientists and Technology Exhibition in Dublin, January 2015! You can view my photo album here: BT young Scientists Jan 2015

Update - July 2017:

I've been spending a lot of time playing around with the API for Destiny the game, I wrote some tutorials that allow you to view your inventory, view vendor items and even transfer items from one character to another, check them out below.

Previous projects: