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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog – there’s not much here yet, but I’ll update when I actually finish some projects.

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Making things with a Raspberry Pi and Galileo.

I’ve been making things with the Raspberry Pi and Galileo, I’m going to show you how I’ve created these things, in the hopes it can help someone else…

Some of the things I’ve created and will be blogging about:

  • Raspberry Pi: Network Attached Storage.
  • Raspberry Pi: Cloud server using BitTorrent Sync.
  • Raspberry Pi: Media centre using XBMC.
  • Raspberry Pi: Connecting to WiFi and setting a static IP address.
  • Raspberry Pi: Touchscreen display, controlled by Python and Perl scripting.
  • Intel Galileo: Getting started – setting up Linux and SSH.
  • Intel Galileo: Create an IR remote control for a Nikon camera.


  1. AlbertVeldhuizen

    Hello Allyn,
    i read your article about ;
    raspberry pi3 with XBMC 17 Krypyton connecting to a WD my cloud Drive
    I have problems to get it right.
    a. the Raspberry pi3 with Krypton don’t understand the word SUDO,
    b. I have a new > WD MY CLOUD Home WD MY CLOUD Home < drive
    hoping you understand my problem

    thx in advance

    • Allyn H

      Hi Albert,

      Apologies for the late reply.

      What error are you getting?
      Are you using lowercase letters? “sudo” not “SUDO”.

      Krypton is still Ubuntu, so the sudo command should still work.
      Can you successfully SSH to the Raspberry Pi?

  2. Richardroel

    Hello Allyn,

    Love your creation for automated scan platform wit IR remote for the Nikon D3200.
    Alas with the code i get the following error:
    ” exit status 1
    ‘OUTPUT_FAST’ was not declared in this scope ”

    without the fast the camera does not react to the ir led.
    How can i declare the outpust_fast pinmode?

    • admin

      Hi there Richardroel,

      Are you doing this on an Intel Galileo?
      Which version of Arduino IDE are you using?

      From What I remember, OUTPUT_FAST was a Galileo specific function. So may not be available on any other Arduino IDEs.

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