PyCon IE presentation:

So I was lucky enough to be selected to speak at this years PyCon Ireland, my talk was titles: “Powering up your Python web applications!”. PyCon Ireland was held in Dublin, on the Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of November.  My talk was on Saturday the 10th at 3PM.

For this talk I spoke about my work building web applications with Flask and some of the cool features I’ve added. The talk was loosely broken into 3 parts.

First I spoke about some of the best practices for building Flask apps:

  • Benefits of using the Flask application factory.
  • Using Flask-CLI / Flask-Scripts to manage database migrations (I skipped over this due to time constraints).
  • Creating Blueprints creating API endpoints to server JSON data.

Next I spoke about some cool database features – such as:

  • How to separate your SQL database from your application – so you can access it via other applications.
  • How to add background tasks with Redis and Celery – using as an example.

Finally I spoke about adding in a JavaScript frontend:

  • Adding ReactJS to your Flask application.
  • Using jQuery to create an item modal – again using as an example

I’ve added my slides below – the video will probably be up in early January (the Python counsel are very much under resourced, so if you’re in the area they’re always looking for people 🙂 ).


Powering up your Python Web Applications