PyCon Ireland 2019 – 10th Anniversary!

I was lucky enough to be selected at this years PyCon – this was a very special year, as it was the 10 annual PyCon Ireland!

The title of my talk was ” Adding data visualization
to your Flask app with React Victory charts
” this talk covered some topics I had previously touched on, as well as adding in some elements of new projects I had been working on.

Laura took some great pictures:

Getting started.

The talk consisted of 4 parts:

  1. Creating a Flask application.
    1. Project setup, storing data, creating app Blueprints.
    2. Adding a data API to the application
  2. Adding a React JS frontend to your application.
    1. Installing Webpack, Babel, React, make some API calls from React.
  3. Adding React Victory Charts to your application.
    1. Make a basic chart, look at how to create some really cool charts.
    2. See here for some cool examples from the Victory Charts official documentation.
  4. Some tips to secure your API.
    1. Top tips.
    2. Avoiding SQL injections.
Creating the SQLAlchemy models.


View the code on GitHub.


You can download the PowerPoint of my slides here:

My slides are also available on Speaker Deck: