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Creating a Web Server on the Galileo

What is a Web Server?

The Galileo, acting as a Web Server, can host a web page, this web page can be reached by opening a web browser and navigating to the IP address of the Galileo.
The Galileo will respond with the HTML you’ve created.

Galileo hosting a Web Server.

Galileo hosting a Web Server.

What is the Web Server used for?

The hosted web page acts as a user interface to the Galileo, this allows you to:

  • Control the GPIO pins, via a web interface.
  • Display the values of GPIO pins on your web page.
  • Send system commands to the operating system, via a web interface.

For more information on what a Web Server is, here are some useful links:

What is a Web Server – How Stuff Works.
Creating a Web Server with Arduino

How do we make a Web Server?

There are several ways to create a Web Server, the main 3 methods are:

Click on the links above to see how I’ve used these methods to create a Web Server.

Each of the above has their own benefits and drawbacks, for example, using the Arduino IDE example is the least flexible Web Server methodology – however it provides the best (in my opinion) interface to control the GPIO’s.


  1. sebastian

    Hi Allyn!

    I would love to know how to make a webserver using node.js or python.
    I am making a workshop about this, but I need a cue to continue. I don’t need a detailed tutorial, just a few directives. Would you help me? I will share my work with you when it get ready, if you want.

    Best regards


    • A H

      Hi there,
      I have just seen your reply – it was caught in my spam filter (I get a lot of spam on this account 😐 ).

      Do you still need help?
      I have examples of Python and Node.js webservers working, I’ll try and get them pushed to my github account.

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